001 | “Let there be light” - Lucifer&Brenda


It was deeply amusing to see this beautiful creature struggle to find anything about him. Maybe he should have told her he made absolutely sure not to let any clue on what he had done all over the year. And he had kept even more secretly, two other things. What he was up to and the way to kill him. He had burnt every single book, making his entire motive totally obscure and it was amusing to watch people try and fail on his secrets. He had lived for so long, he knew so much and those persons thinking they could ever take a step ahead of him.

When his eyes crossed the look of Brenda, he waved gently, even though the smile growing on his lips was sarcastic and sharp. He got up and walked far enough to disappear from her view before deportating himself at the door of the bar. He opened it, surprising everyone and opened his arms widely. “What a surprise ! Cecilia, I’m surprised you don’t remember me.” He gad a side grin. “I had another face and another name when we met, but still. You must remember my style.” He walked towards the two woman, grabbed Brenda’s hand and disposed a quiet kiss on the back of her hand. “A bit earlier than I promised, I admit but I am not looking for your reply yet.” He looked at the alcohol. “A good bourbon makes me more chatty. And it seems there is so much question our young friend wants to ask.”

Her eyes locking with his, the brunette narrowed her eyes at him when he waved at her. Was he spying on her?! What was he even doing there? Didn’t he give her a week? A sound of a door opening, Brenda was brought back from her thoughts and she instantly turned around to face his bright blue and so demonic eyes again. She watched him speak to the old witch slightly confused, but it was obvious he knew her, she was the most powerful witch in there. “Not a very good one.” She muttered softly referring to his style and tried to keep a straight face when he kissed her hand. 

Taking her hand from him, she sighed and crossed her arms. “Cecilia, would you mind leaving.” She asked the woman even though it was more like a command while keeping her eyes on him. It was better being alone with him. Who knew what he’d decide to do to her and she still could use her. He was obviously not going to tell her his weaknesses and she needed to have something against him, that’s how she survived. When Cecilia left, Brenda moved to the bar and poured him a glass of bourbon before handing it to him. “Speak. I want to know what you want from me, why you want me and for how long.” 

001 | “Let there be light” - Lucifer&Brenda


In all honesty, he didn’t have much to do in London and he grew quite bored of the city after a couple of days. He hung out with cocaine drugged addict, and looked at them die of OD just because it was fun. Then, he had made a visit in all the hospitals of the city, no one should have seen him bu a young kid did. As he passed beside him he felt a hand in his. Horrified, he had stared at the kid who just smiled at him.

His soul had been sweet and light to take from his body, a bit like a cloud. He had felt thankful for it.

And finally he knew what he was going to do. Even though he ahd decided not to interact with Brendo, nothing would keep him from keeping an eye on her. Tracking her down had been quite fun but he was confident on finding her. He had been right. After only twenty hours, he was sitting at the top of a building looking down on a bar’s window. She was a curious one, this Brenda. He liked it.

Brenda was getting bored at how much time it was taking for Cecilia to find something about Lucifer. How hard could it be. The brunette looked around the room filled with potions and strange rocks. These witches and their collections, she thought. Heaving a sigh she walked over to the table where Cecilia sat and scrolled through the pages. “Come on hurry up, i need information.” She exhorted the woman and sat over the table. “All i see for now is that he’s a fallen angel tempting human to sin.” Cecilia spoke softly her eyes still on the papers. Brenda let out a chuckle and pushed her hair back. “That’s not my problem, first i’m not a human and second i made enough sins without him. Plus that i can even find that on Wikipedia, look deeper.” Getting off the table she stood besides the woman and leaned forward trying to see what there was on the book but all she could understand where the pictures. “Do you have anything that could help understand what he wanted?” Cecilia closed the book and grabbed another one. Biting her bottom lip, Brenda tried to remember their conversation a few days ago. “He said he wanted my heart…” She slightly knitted her brows. “In what way?” the witch looked up at her. “How would i know?! he barely answered any of my questions, if he had had i wouldn’t be here wasting my time with you, would i?” She snapped and walked away from her. It was killing her, not knowing who was after her and what he wanted. She needed to know or else he’ll be taking advantage of her. “Can you track him?” Brenda turned to look at her as an idea came to her mind. The woman inhaled deeply tightening her scarf around her, knowing very well it wouldn’t be so delightful inviting the devil to her bar but it was either that or Brenda killing her right there. “Do you have anything from him? a hair? a teeth? even a piece of jewelry could do.” Brenda groaned and crossed her arms. “No i don’t, all i remember was the smell and the feeling he gave me. That dangerous and-” Realizing something, Brenda stopped and turned around to the windows. “What’s wrong?” Cecilia asked confused and Brenda gritted her teeth. “He’s here. I can feel him.” 

001 | “Let there be light” - Lucifer&Brenda


He grinned, rubbing his nails on his coat. At least, she was smart not to believe a stranger’s words. “You’re so young and so confident.” Glancing up at her, he quirked an eyebrow. “Believe the old man standing here just in front of you.” He straightened his self up and opened his arms widely, as an invitation. “You haven’t tried everything. If you had, I would have seen you begging while I sat on my throne.”

He shrugged, finally dropping his arms. “But after all, this is your choice.” Staring at her, he used the witchcraft to make her yelp in pain, creating aneuvrisms in her brain again and again. “This is your choice, I have waited long enough I can wait a little more. But trust me. I am the only chance.” He stopped the pain and turned his back to her. “But maybe you don’t love your family that much. I’m going. I’ll check on you in a week or so. You’ll have a smart reply to give me then, won’t you ?” He flashed a grin above his shoulder and disappeared.

She kept quiet and narrowed her eyes at him when he called her young. Pressing her lips together she crossed her arms not daring to even take one step towards him when he opened his arms. Could he really help her? Was he really the so called the prince of darkness? If so why would he help her? What could he need from her that he didn’t have? 

As she started feeling a sharp pain in her brain she groaned in pain, holding her head with her both hands. It felt as if he was cutting her brain in pieces with his own eyes. When the pain stopped she fell to her knees and breathed heavily, trying to recover from that horrible pain. Brenda continued to listen to him, she wanted to speak, to say something but she was too shocked from the pain. Being able to move she slowly looked up to see his wicked grin and disappear. Great, attacked her and left. Brenda sighed and ran her fingers through her hair, pushing it away from her face and looked around. What will she do now?!

As the days passed, Brenda didn’t waste time and looked for answers. Obviously from him she wont be able to get them so a witch would do, but it was very hard to find a really good witch that knew about the devil. She’ve seen quite a few witched and they knew nothing, but this one had to be it, she was the strongest in London from what heard. Knocking the door to the bar down Brenda walked casually inside and smirked at the frightened bartender staring at her from behind the bar. Taking slow steps towards her she brushed the dust off her clothes and then looked up to her. “This could be easy or hard, you go call your lovely boss and then i’ll kill you or you can try to run away, i’ll kill you and go find your boss myself.” The girl quickly nodded and ran to the back. Brenda knew the girl was probably going to try and escape from the back and followed her. Seeing at the door she chuckled and flushed to her grabbing her by the neck. She knitted her brows together and looked in her eyes “It’s very rude to leave a costumer hanging. Especially when they’re a very mad vampire.” Flashing out her teeth she leaned forward and dig them into her neck, draining her completely from her blood. Letting the lifeless body fall to the ground, Brenda licked her lips and turned around to see an old woman holding a stick to her, trying to seem brave but ended up making Brenda chuckle. “That stick won’t help you, i can easily turn it around and it’ll be your end. But hi, you must be Cecilia, Pleasure, i’m Brenda Castaneda and i need you to answer a few questions.” 

001 | “Let there be light” - Lucifer&Brenda


His lips pursed. So it was true. She was still sensitive. She wasn’t totally dead inside. His hand slided in his hair and he shrugged her question of. “Second question-” He pointed a finger, faking casual attitude to ehr face. “Don’t try to run away, Brenda. I’ll find you and I might not be so inclined to forgive you for wasting my time.” He crossed his arms once again. “Second question, what would you do to get back your family ?”

He didn’t really like to bargain, what he wanted he took. But he needed her total loyalty, not an half-ass promise to do what he wanted her to. And even if he was disappointed she was still caring, he could still use the weakness to get her in his side. After so many years to plot for his rise to the throne of the world, he couldn’t lose at this moment. “Oh.” He bowed sarcastically. “You may call me… Lucifer.”

Brenda rolled her eyes at his threat, was he serious now? it was more like he was wasting her time not the other way around. “Yeah i figured that out already” She muttered annoyed and placed her both hands on her sides. When he asked his second question she looked at him confused. “You cannot…bring the dead back.” She stated, there was no way and she knew. She spent ages trying to find a way but there was no way. 

Watching him bow and say his name, Brenda cocked her brow, not being able to hold back a grin. “Is this some kind of joke?” She shook her head side to side as she chuckled. “Look, i don’t have time for games. What you’re asking me is irrational , you can’t bring my family back trust me i know, i’ve tried everything. And you also can’t have my heart, for whatever reason you need it to. Can i go now?” Her expression was serious now. He was trying to use her soft spot in her heart that still cared for her loved ones against her and she didn’t like it, not even one bit.

001 | “Let there be light” - Lucifer&Brenda


His hand slided from her chin to her neck, holding it tightly to keep her in place, grinning widely but not replying. She wasn’t ready for the truth yet. He needed to see if she would be with him to the end or if she would run away. He licked his lips and stared down at her lips. The possessiveness he felt towards her was overflowing, he could hardly hold it. He suddenly let go of her, as if her skin burned him and took a step away.

He leaned back on the tree, crossing hs arms over his chest. “Remind me how your family died ? Lycans, I think .” The tone was casual but he knew where to press to hurt. Despite all the years since the death of her family, somehow she had kept this tuny part of her heart human, enough to grieve them. He had heard it at least. Rumors were so fickle.

Finding it hard to breath as his hand slid down her neck, his touch burning her skin and making her mouth dry. Why was he making her feel like that?! Brenda didn’t dare to move, she knew that one single move and he would rip her throat open. Although from what she understood from his wanting her heart statement, he needed her. She still didn’t quite understand why he wanted her heart and he didn’t seem like he was going to answer her questions right now. In fact, he wasn’t answering any of her questions.

When he suddenly let go of her neck, she placed her hand over it slightly massaging it while her eyes scanned him. At the mention of her family’s death, her brown eyes widened and there she felt it again. As if someone just stabbed her heart right there. More than thousands of years alive and she still didn’t find a way to numb the pain at the mention of them. It had no cure.  ”I’m not interested in discussing my family’s death with you.” She bit out and glared at him. Of course he knew how her family died, he also knew her name where she lived, god knows how much he knows about her, yet she still had no idea who he was. “Who are you?” 

001 | “Let there be light” - Lucifer&Brenda


There. He liked her better when she was being brave and rebellious. Defying him, she looked like the girl he heard about, the one who could bring him to the rem of his dream. A hungrily glad smile grew on his lips, and he crossed his arms on his chest, staring at her silently. “You haven’t replied.” He leaned closer, but more respectful of her personal space. “What do you desire the most, Brenda ?”

He wanted to rip her heart out and he wanted to put a crown on her head. The intense pleasure of finding her, finding someone like her in all the years he had to live was getting the best of his already sick sanity. She was the key to a long-planned schedule he had come to with the years.

"Maybe I should start." He commented, cutting the heavy silence between them. He grabbed a handful of her hair and grinned maniacally as he tilted her head backwards. "I want your dead heart."

Brenda narrowed her dark eyes at him while he stared at her and smiled that satisfied smile of his for her giving up and letting him talk with her. Not that she had any other option. She was anyways quite curious as to what he could want from her. Perhaps he had some kind of connection with the witches, they never liked her and they could of sent him to kill her. Or was he from the werewolves? Neither, she would of smelled it on him.

She clenched her jaw at the repeat of that odd question of his. “Yes i did.” She simply replied. What did he even mean with it? Didn’t he hear? If he looked for her and even knew her name he probably knew the power and strength she had, what more could she desire?! Perhaps love? A voice in her head spoke and she was a little taken back with it before quickly shaking it off.

Having her head tilted back by him she swallowed a groan to not show him he was hurting her and closed her eyes as she inhaled deeply at his words. “Why?” she managed to get out. “From all the dead hearts in this world, why do you want mine?” Brenda opened her eyes and looked at him. God damn those blue eyes. So blue and so evil. 

001 | “Let there be light” - Lucifer&Brenda


He let her go. He let her pass beside him, her hair brushing oh so lightly his arm. He could have stopped her so easily. He could have broken her skull so quickly. He could have ran at that door. But he let her go. Because hunting always had been one of his favorite things to do. Hunting meant unbored, and unbored meant pleasure. And she was so pretty and she smelled so good.

He sat on a stool and ordered a glass of bourbon. The bartender with the band-aid on his wrist served him. Lucifer grabbed the boy’s arm and ripped the bandage off. “You should probably take care of that soon, lad.” A mischevious smile grew on the Prince’s lips and was soon swallowed by the alcohol.

It took her a good dozen of minutes before stopping. She had good stamina but she was so predictible and he felt disappointed. Was he wrong ? But that scent. He got up and started to walk out. “You didn’t pay !” The bartender interrupted him, angrily be fore suddenly yelping in pain, holding his wounded wrist. “I told you to take care of that, buddy.” And his smile widened at the horrified scream that left the boy’s lips as his hand fell on the floor.

As soon as he stepped out of the bar, he wasn’t in the street just outside. Feeling too disappointed in her, he wouldn’t make any effort to make the game fun so he just appeared by her side, leaning over the same tree as her. “Okay, maybe that wasn’t a good start.”

Brenda tried to think of a plan, she couldn’t go back to her place he will follow her and know where she lives. What if she takes a plan to another country? It’ll give her a few more days till he’ll find her again right? It sounded as the best option at that moment. Running away, she had no idea from what exactly. She still didn’t know who he was or what he wanted from her. But those eyes…those blue eyes screamed trouble. And his smell, the smell of sweet sweet wickedness. She could even imagine it again, as if he was right behind hair..

Jumping at the sound of his voice she instantly spun around and took a step back. Brenda stared at him leaning on the tree. He was handsome, very very handsome, he’d give him that. But even if she was one of, if not the only strongest vampires in the planet she knew very well that she better not mess with creatures she don’t know till she knew their weaknesses. Brenda crossed her arms and looked around to check if it was only him with her before stopping her eyes at him. “Yeah not a very good first impression. Now could you tell me what is it that you want from me?”

001 | “Let there be light” - Lucifer&Brenda


She was beautiful, gorgeous, breathe-taking. Of course, she was. She could only be this way. He slipped a hand out of his pocket and slided his fingers on her cheek to her hair, pushing a few strands away. It wasn’t a lovely gesture, it wasn’t admiring or in awe. It was possessive, reminding her he could do anything to her right now, and he wouldn’t care.

"I am what you were running away." He tilted his head and rolled his eyes, laughing. "More or less consciously. You all run away." With his hand already out of his pocket, he dropped her face and grabbed her drink, engulfing the liquid in a quick and swift gesture, swallowing it without hesitation. Blood wasn’t his favorite, he would only relish pain and anger but she needed to relate.

He put back the glass on the counter and his hand into his pocket. “Tell me, Brenda. What have you always desired the most ?”

His touch was cold and warm at the same time. It made her shiver for a moment and then made her body melt inside. What was wrong with her? by now she would of pinned him to the ground and ran away for her life. Why didn’t she move? Why didn’t she do anything? Why did she let him be so close?!

Brenda’s eyes slightly narrowed at his words and she watched him drink her drink in a swift. He probably already smelled the blood if he wasn’t surprised with the taste. She heaved a sigh and got on her feet, she was wasting her time in there and she better hear her body and run away before it’ll be too late. “Honestly? For you to leave me alone.” She muttered while taking money out of her pocket and placing it out of the counter. “Now if you excuse me.” Not wasting any more time she instantly flashed out of the bar and ran as far as she could from there. Her head was filled with questions about him, she needed answers, but getting them from him sounded too dangerous. Stopping at what seemed like far away enough she leaned over a three and and ran her fingers through her brown locks.  

001 | “Let there be light” - Lucifer&Brenda


He could feel her. It was a stronger scent that he ever had come accross, and only eternity knew what it meant really. Her scent awakening every murderous desires growing in his blackened and dry heart, awakening the lust and the anger, the greed and the pride, source of all misery in the world. The key to his reign was just behind the door and it felt so close and unreal.

He opened it.

And he knew she could feel him. He saw her, all stiff and anxious, sitting on her stool, bloody whiskey leaving a light drop on her lip, or maybe it was only him imagining it because of the scent, the terrible scent of blood that would follow her everywhere, along with despair, and that was how he tracked her down.

Confidently, he walked to her, hands lazily shoced into the pockets of his jeans. It was unreal. She was there. So close. He heard her talking but he didn’t mind. He leaned towards her, invading her personal space, their noses gliding against each other.

"All this time, and you were there."

Looking in his eyes when he leaned forward and their nose touched she swallowed hard but didn’t move not even an inch. What the hell was he doing? She still couldn’t figure out who he was or what he was and it was driving her crazy. But whatever he was, it was nothing good, his scent was dangerous and filled with evil. Her body on one hand wanted to get up and run as far away from him as possible but on the other hand she couldn’t move.  

Brenda blinked a few times at his words, confusion obvious in her expression. She stared inside his eyes to try and read his mind but it was impossible. “What are you?” She muttered. 

dear cas,